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Why CountrysideExpress –

Countryside Express eliminates all the barriers faced by courier and cargo industry to reach in the rural parts of India.Countryside Express aims to connect the rural parts of India with the digital world through its E-stores and express delivery network. We have a dedicated customer service team which emphasise on providing best quality service to all our customers and enhance customer experience. With our international partners, you get a completely hassle-free International courier services across the globe.


Countryside Express is one of its kind Couriers and Cargo service providers in India. It is a well reliable agent to industries, delivering even in rural areas.People trust Countryside Express courier for their prompt delivery and customer friendly behavior. We ensure that running our franchise is completely safe, secure and most importantly profitable.In this guide, you will find all the necessary details, one needs to know before applying for Countryside Express franchise.

Benefits of Countryside Express Franchise

You can access multiple features and benefits when you join us.

You can book and manage both national and international shipments.

You will get access to the State-of-the-art Technology, Customer Service, Franchise Desktop with proper guide and tracking facility.

Get 24/7 customer care support for any business operation issue.

With our different Franchise programs, you can choose the best suitable Franchise model, according to the amount you are willing to invest.

Countryside express ensures that each service provided to our customer generates good income for its franchise.

Franchise owner gets the special bonus on festive occasions.

We Focus on Sustainable and Continual Income

By providing Courier and cargo service for businesses, Countryside Express targets repeat clients enabling franchises to build a sustainable, continual income. Automated billing, tracking, stock management and compliant management means franchises are relieved of much of the daily tasks that detracts people from developing their business. Countryside Express currently encourages franchisees to concentrate on the things that make them the money; business development and operations.

Low Cost, High Profit

Countryside Express franchises are low cost, high profit adaptable business models that allow for regular flow of business, both annually and monthly. The unique minimal capital expenditure model means that overheads are kept low and franchises operate with efficiency. One can choose the Franchise model according to Franchise operating area and the amount he is willing to invest.

Super Franchise

We Focus on Sustainable and Continual Income

Countryside Express Super Franchise represents a franchisee-operated unit in an independent territory or district within a region, with one or more reporting franchisees. It acts as an extended branch that is responsible for business development, operations and servicing of the clients. They are a key member of the system and the appointment procedure for a Super Franchise is different from the Regular Franchise.

Regular Franchise

Countryside express courier and cargo E-stores:

This is the most preferred franchise Model of Countryside Express with highest profit margins and most number of services provided to the customers.

Service Offered: Courier and Cargo service, Financial Services, E-Commerce portal, E-Ticketing, cyber café and Stationary products.

Countryside Express Courier and Cargo Service:

This is the Franchise model preferred in cities, with industries and cash customers. This model is for the person willing to do an average investment and want good returns.

Service Offered: Courier and Cargo service(National and International both)

Countryside Express E-Commerce, Delivery and Pickup counter

This Franchise Model is preferred for towns and villages.

Service Offered: Courier and Cargo service, E-Ticketing and E-Commerce portal.

Countryside Express Delivery Counter

This Franchise Model is preferred for small towns and villages. This franchise can be opened in existing shops in the small towns and villages.

Service Offered: Deliveries and E-Commerce Portal. portal.

  • What is Countryside Express Franchise Cost?

    The franchise investment depends on the type franchise you get. Countryside Express offers Five different types of Franchise business model with different services so that a person can start business according to franchise operating area and his willingness to invest.

  • Any individual with a strong desire to lead the life of an entrepreneur and the zeal to serve the customers’ business ethics can aspire to be a Countryside Express franchisee.

    Any person meeting the following conditions can apply for the Franchise; If you are an Indian citizen who has all legal verified documents, can apply for their franchise.The voter card and other identity proof are mandatory to submit.

  • Beside the office space, you also need other useful equipment to run the franchise efficiently.These include computer with internet connection, printer, barcode scanner, good power supply or inverter, papers and a delivery person.

  • To become the Countryside Express valid partner you need to clear and submit documents to them.These are included in the following :

    Aadhar card or any Government certified identity proof/Electric bill or voter card

    Office area papers (For owner verification).For rented placed rented papers with owner signature

    Bank cancel cheque or pass book front page copy for security deposit money

    PAN card for business-related verification and tax prayers.

Countryside Express Courier and Cargo

Countryside Express believes in building trust through it’s on-time deliveries and creating entrepreneurs through it’s various franchise schemes.

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